Tale of Douchemagery

bianca-maxim-100So back in the day of 40 man raids, we had a group of core mages that would run together, this was when I played a mage on Thunderlord, on Alliance side with a guild called Kindred Spirit.

Yes I know I did some time playing Alliance, but is with a bunch of dudes from work at the time, and it was pretty awesome. Hell they use to call me Heatscourge at work, and that was my toons name…pretty awesome name for a mage. amiright?

Anywho we were raiding BWL regularly and one piece of Netherwind kept alluding me. The boots, so when they dropped a fellow mage, Raist (Gee a mage named after the Dragonlance mage in WoW. no one ever sees that, amiright?), well even though I had the DKP to do, instead of passing on the boots, Raist rolled on them, and got them. Bastard didn’t even need it. I wasn’t put out of place, Raist was a friend and we joked about it all the time. We joked about how he stole those boots from me, and he always said he was going to disenchant them in front of me.

Well a year later I saw Raist in the flesh, and we we’re joking around, but I kind of forgot about the boots.  He said, he had something to show me…he logged into WoW on his mage. Went to his bank, pulled out the Netherwind boots, and Disenchanted them in front of me live.

What a douchemage!

I did get him back though, he got real drunk and I wrote on his back in perm marker, “I love PvEnis”


So maybe I’m the one full of Douchemagery.

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