War of the Premade

girlboxerIt seems things are starting to become more and more heated as 5.3 patch in World of Warcraft draws ever nearer. Like this debate…it seems people have chosen sides.  Here’s my problem with the current state of things.

These changes are forcing my friends to be able to play together they need to form RBG teams of various ranks. Which means if I want to play with my friends I have to join the Rat Race that is RBG. Now not that I don’t like RBG’s they are fun and exciting, though to be good at them you need to practice, and have the time to compete with your friends. I just want to see some people online casually group up, and play some random BG’s.

I have a feeling Blizz doesn’t like the add on OQ, and is using a shotgun to squash a mosquito. The sad thing is the people that actually like, and support PvP are the ones hurt, and the ones that maybe queue up every once in a blue moon are the ones that benefit in this situation.

Either way both sides are passionate, and sometimes things get ugly. Here’s the great thing about PvP’ers though, we don’t shy away from fights.

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