What is this Douchemagery?

thouartI think this is going to be a new column of mine…of all the times I was a Douche….and was up to no good….

I think every mage has opened a portal for some hapless click happy sap to some unknown destination. If you are a mage, and you haven’t, your missing out on a fun aspect of the game.

So back in the days of Vanilla, when I was either in Molten Core, or BWL almost every day of the week, yeah I was hardcore. When you had 40 hardcore nuts raiding with you, sometimes you get a little stir crazy. On this day we we’re finishing Molten Core, and at this point it was pretty routine, and Ragnaros was on farm. I whispered my fellow mages, and we agreed to open all our portals to Darnassus.

So when Rag came down, and loot was handed out, we all opened our ports, and people were clicking away as us mages we’re giggling in our private chat. Then the cries over Vent started.

“You assholes!” …. “WTF!!!” ….” Someone better come get us!”….

All us mages we’re busting out laughing, and I was brought to tears by it.  Let’s just say from then on, our guild looked before they clicked.

One Response to “What is this Douchemagery?”

  1. The new one is the Ancient Portal: Dalaran – it takes you to where Dalaran USED to be – floating above the ground in Hillsbrad. So if you don’t have a way to slow your descent, hapless portal users find themselves plummeting to their deaths in the pit in the purple dome.

    Oh, and the portal hover tip just says “Dalaran” with no indication that it’s the ancient location.

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