Back in the Day…

lumberjack-largeWe are nearing 10 years of World of Warcraft….That’s amazing. If you were 8 when this game came out, you will be nearing 18 now, you grew up on this game. So if you started playing WoW when you were 8 or 9, and you’re a hot girl feel free to email me…er…nvm…uhm anyway. Sometimes I get a sense of nostalgia, since I’ve been playing with some of the same people for over 10 years.  I think I’m going to share some of those stories with you. Feel free to tell me your stories, I would love to hear them.

One of the guys I’ve been playing so long it’s almost unbelievable. Bitaken aka Aurellian/Linax, back in the day he mostly played his mage. Aurellian, and I played a Prot Warrior named Rivgorian. Well one day I’m grinding in the Plaguelands, he whispers me…

Aurellian – “Hey what you doing?”

Me – “Nothing, just grinding in Plaguelands for rep, and stuff”

Aurellian – “Stay there, I got something for you”

He appears in true mage fashion in mere moments due to telports being really awesome, he opens trade and there it was a purple axe. An axe of the deep woods. I was stunned, and didn’t know what to say. Back in the day that was worth alot of gold. That was my very first purple pixel, and it meant alot to me, that a guildie and a friend gave it to me.  That with my Lightforge Spaulders, and Skullflame Shield. I was the hottest Orc Prot Warrior on Azeroth. Yeah I wore Lightforge Spaulders, I use to say I was the first Horde Paladin.

That was almost 9 years ago, and I’m still playing with Aurellian, but more than that together we’re building new memories. Like last night playing with guildies. and having laughs as we scream comments about green balls, blue balls, mounting, and me dropping the hammer on someone. It’s stories like these that keep me in the World of Warcraft, and it’s people that make MMO’s great.


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