Get Your PvE out of my PvP!

pwnnoobfunnydogginWith the discussion on Twitter, and Rowan posting about it. I was thinking why don’t I like PvE’ing anymore. I mean I use to be a hardcore raider. I use to attack Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair, and if I ever find the mother fooker who didn’t Loot the Dogs…their dead. It’s not just Raiding I can’t stand, it’s alot to do with PvE these days that really sends a shiver down my back.

Why I Don’t Like PvE –

1. Quests – I LOATHE QUESTS!. I always have, I never did them. I would rather grind out 100 mobs then do one quest. I really don’t know why. I like the Zen of grinding, or perhaps I have issues with someone giving me orders even in a virtual world, perhaps I just love killing things. I don’t know why I just hate doing them. Though I’m better now, and do some to gain reputation, I still don’t like them.

2. Burn Out – I’ve been either a tank, or a healer in most of the MMO’s I’ve played. In most of my career in WoW, I was a tank. Thus basically the leader role for either that dungeon, or working closely with the leader to make sure things went smooth. PvE is a cruel mistress, and if you don’t execute something right, you wipe. As a tank, I took that personally and after awhile it wore me down. I do love to tank though, and will still do it if needed, but as a full time basis. No way. To me PvE is REALLY…REALLY repetitive.  

3. The In Crowd – I play MMO’s for the people. Alot of my guild are PvPer’s (read ALL if not most) so if their not raiding, or PvEing. I’m not going to either. When I use to raid, it was with a GREAT bunch of people, had so much fun, and joked. I mean one time a guy got drunk, and just screaming “GO TEAM!”  over vent as he aggroed the trash and boss by himself.  The whole guild was laughing non stop…those days are gone pretty much. There’s a elitist attitude that PvE’ers have that kind of sickens me.

4.Repetition – One of the main reasons I hate PvE is doing the same thing, over, and over again. Sure in PvP you do get some repetition, but at least it’s not facing the same thing, time and again. I get alot more excitement playing real people. No two BG’s are ever alike, there’s always something new in PvP.

5. Carebears – It seems like the people who play PvP, and the people who play PvE are slightly different. The PvP people seem a little more easy going, a little more go with the flow type people, but they are vicious to the bone if you cross them, they are competitors in every sense of the word. PvE’ers are like living in a hippy commune, everyone has to get along, and god forbid if you don’t, and they seem a little more anal about things.

So for many reasons I dig PvP alot more, and kind of dig that we’re seperated by WoW, cause I don’t want your PvE cooties on me.

2 Responses to “Get Your PvE out of my PvP!”

  1. The worst pver’s are the ones that show animosity towards the “pvp crowd” for sucking down development resources while they themselves gobble content faster than a pregnant woman does a box of oreos. I’ll never understand the elitism there- the content is scripted. Recent games even have nice telegraphed attacks that, as long as you don’t suffer from some debilitating arthritis, you should have the reaction time and the situational awareness to avoid.

    I see this argument a lot, the one being that “you don’t get anything but repair bills and consumable bills for failing at pve- you at least get compensation prizes for failing at pvp”, well that’s because pvp is just plain harder. It’s a dynamic environment that, on an equal playing field, is indomitable. There’s no reading guides, watching youtube videos and subsequently putting pvp on farm status. There’s no taunting people off of your healers in pvp and no “this guy is going to pull off this move when he hits 50% hp”. That’s why many people prefer to pvp.

    In a just, logical universe, gameplay would be balanced around pvp FIRST and then around pve. Imagine that! Content balanced around pvp first- then maybe we could stop seeing this amateur oversight of having gear escalation and ridiculous power creep. I’ve never understood the idea that pvp’ers and any gear gotten out of that progression shouldn’t be allowed to take their gains into the pve environment either. Once again, pvp is harder. Who cares if you can kill some gargantuan scripted dragon if you’ve been making a habit of overcoming adversity bestowed upon you by unpredictable players? Why is THAT a problem? (with regards to compensation prizes in pvp and failing your way to victory, most games have made doing this a tedious and almost insurmountable grind. I’d wager only a sliver of any given playerbase enjoys constant loss in pvp as a means to an end and that includes bots.)

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