Eldar Scrolls Online First Wave of Betas Go Out

ConfusedSo I got word the first wave of beta invites went out. Well I know I won’t be one, well cause I didn’t sign up for one, nor will I.  First off I never really got into the Eldar Scrolls games, they never really appealed to me. Perhaps when they came out I was deep in the thrall of MMO’s, and if I want my RPG fix I’ll get it from that. Perhaps when I tried a game on the console I hated the controls,and UI. I prefer my RPG’s on computers, even then not so twitch oriented. Perhaps the lore didn’t really appeal to me.  I don’t know really why I don’t get into, or even looking forward to  ESO.

Maybe I’m a little messed up in my head. If you’re an ESO fan, why should I play this game?

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