I’m Very Resilient


nurse1So I just got my Holy Pally to 10k+ reslience, I’m very proud of myself. Oh wait in 5.3 everyone’s getting free 65% base resilience, on one hand I’m pretty pissed, but on the other I can see why…well sorta…kinda.

Here’s the thing I’m worried about. PvE’ers coming in with their awesome shiny gear they got from raiding, and tearing up us peeps who PvP’d for out gear. They assure us PvP Power will make PvP gear still viable, and all the shiny gear will be reduced to ilevel 496. Still a couple things bother me. World PvP, will that suffer, and I’m a healer. I need to be resilient more then power. Will I be able to gem more for power, giving me better heals. The resilience gems are staying in game, so next patch with all my gems will I have like 90% resilience, or is there going to be a diminishing return.

Well here’s a good article, I am looking forward to see how this all pans out. People are saying their gearing up for an April’s Fools Joke. I don’t think so. I think this is the real deal. 

What are your thoughts on 5.3?

2 Responses to “I’m Very Resilient”

  1. I got into a pretty heated debate on Twitter yesterday with someone. They said it was PAST the point where Blizz should just normalize ALL PvP gear, so everyone has the exact same stuff and then it will be a game of “skill”. I suggested they just go ahead and do the same to PvE gear. Then the raids would be a test of “skill”.

    He defended himself.. OH NO.. NO NO.. Raids are about progression and improving your character. My response: WTF! I PvP. I PvP because I get to improve my character. I’ve seen PvP guilds DIE at the end of the season when everyone has their gear and is no longer logging in. Hell, I see my guild wane in attendance at the end of the WEEK once everyone has their conquest point.

    I don’t normally complain about changes that Blizzard makes to their game. In fact, we usually find a way to overcome and adapt. I’ll ride this Resilience change out. See how it works. Decide what changes I need to make for my gear. But GOD DAMMIT, I WILL NOT PVE to have best in slot gear for PVP.

    • theerivs Says:

      Actually our guild grew at the end of the season, and we worked real hard…time to bank honor, and JP to convert to honor. LOL! I don’t think normalization is the answer. I mean yes it should be more skilled base, but I like being rewarded for my hard work. I guess we will see how these changes work out, like you said we deal and adapt, but if I have to PVE for my gear…I’m playing Scarlet Blade MMO

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