Sometimes Even I Am Wrong

bailey-jay-t2I know hard to believe, but once in awhile I’m wrong. Usually I hate PUGs in Battlegrounds most of the time it’s a waste of time as a healer, and I just want to go hide somewhere. Then there is once in a blue moon I am shocked, and awed.

Last night I was in a Twin Peaks BG, and it’s the call of arms. At first everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then someone spoke in chat, “They have 4 healers, everyone turtle in the flag room with their flag until they get 5 ticks of debuff.” then what shocked me next was people listened. When 5 ticks went up, and after we killed a big wave of them, someone spoke up, “Let’s go get that Flag Carrier”  and to my additional shock they did. The succeded in getting our flag, and me and a DK flag carrier fought off a couple DPS, and then capped.

Second flag an undead monk was carrying it, out of the blue he drops the flag….I was like HOLY SHIT. I picked it up, he did say in chat pick it up, and I just missed it. He wanted it back…no problem buddy. We capped again shortly after we destroyed a big wave of them.

On the third flag it was purely a cake walk, they didn’t even bother to take our flag.

Just goes to show you that once in a while, even though after losing 10 PUGS in a row, and wanting to smash someones face, that you get a PUG that restores your faith in human kind…

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