Oh Alterac Valley, How I Love Thee

dieter5It was Alterac Valley Call to Arms Weekend, and I’m excited like a little school girl. It’s the one weekend out of the month I go apeshit. I love AV. I simply do, and when it’s a Call to Arms weekend. Oh shit snap. It’s on.

Why I love AV CTA Weekend –

1. Losing – Yea I lose alot in this BG when I roll solo, but even when I do it’s more honor than anywhere else. So I’ll take the frustration, the asshats, and even the bots. Just give me my honor biotches, and I’ll go

2. Winning –  Ah but when we win…it’s an awesome thing. I feel like I accomplished something, and pissed off a whole bunch of people in the process. When I’m on OQ and were working as a team, that really is fun, roughly 30-40 people working together as a team, it’s great. In PvP it’s the closest thing we have to a raid.

3. Gear – Oh man I got 3 pieces this weekend…including my weapon. Every weekend I get alot of gear and it’s great. Oh guess what I could’ve got more, but I had some shite to do.

4. Fun – Like i said I love AV, it feels like a real battle. Big, Awesome…and where else can you see the ICE LORD in all his awesomeness.

5. Quick – If done right, it’s quick and painless. That what I hate about AB, or EoTS…got to wait for those resources…which usually sucks when your losing.

So yeah now the weekends over….it’s back to normal grinding, but new season starts so it should be a good one now that I actually have some gear.

One Response to “Oh Alterac Valley, How I Love Thee”

  1. AV = the PvP gods in WoW gift to the players. They need to make more maps that work like AV and less maps like temple and mines. a 20 man smaller version of AV would be a PvPgasm for me. For real. I’m getting wood thinking about it.

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