Is Multiboxing Wrong?

TripletsAs I am reading this thread some things I have to ponder

Lets get some things up on the desk. I use an addon called Oqueue which connects be to others who PvP. I love it, it kind of revitalized the game for me. This addon was created by a multiboxer. Blizzard disabled the /follow command in battlegrounds, which really hindered multiboxers. In reaction the person who created this addon, and supports may no longer do that.

The real question at hand is Multiboxing wrong?

Couple points I want to make….

1. Is it wrong? – No. Why didn’t Blizzard make against the ToS. Clearly botting is wrong, so if they don’t like multiboxing just say so from the start. Clearly Blizzard doesn’t take too much umbrage from Multiboxers or they would of stopped it from the start.  If they also thought it was so wrong, why only stop follow in BG’s or Instances, and not everywhere.

2. Is it unfair? No…I’m a healer who gets focused fires and dies..alot. So what is the difference between ganked by 5 toon run by 5 people, or 5 toons run by one….Nothing in my book.

3. Is it the easy way? – No. I think leveling up 5 toons, gettine them all geared then learning how to do it all….is not the easy way out for sure.

4. Is this a victory over Bots?  –  No, I would rather have one person running 5 toons, then 1 person and 4 bots. I think that’s why this is not a victory removing follow over the bots, it helps them to create more space in Random BG’s. Also I know Bots, and Bots work…don’t ask me how, that’s a tale for another time. I will say this Bots that use follow are very rare, and if they use follow they will be caught very quickly. Most good botting programs use things like pathing, or collision detection.  

5. Can Role Players still follow each other in taverns?  – Yes…and that’s why I’m pissed about this whole subject. 

Seriously though I never had that much issue with multiboxers, I would just take my lickings and move on which for me is few and far between. Let them spend their 75 bucks a month, and enjoy the game how they want, and I’ll enjoy my game how I want. Though I don’t multibox….now that I see so many people hate it I might start multiboxing, and make some people cry.

15 Responses to “Is Multiboxing Wrong?”

  1. The problem I have with a multiboxer with 5 people vs 5 separate players is I actually have a chance to survive the 5 separate players. With a multiboxer everything is in sync and each one of those controlled characters is hitting you at the exact same time. Normal humans don’t work that efficiently and it gives an unfair advantage in PvP to the multiboxer.

    Are they paying more, yes. Did it take extra time, yes. Does that give them the right to have an extreme advantage in PvP, no.

    There used to be several multi-boxers on my server during Cata. It is unfortunately a PvP server, but even then the guy tended to stay in Tol Borad so the sever time doesn’t matter. At one point we had about 15 characters controlled at once all single targeting down one person. Even with a healer (which I had) there was no chance in hell. You were essentially one shot.

    People across the server would group up in 25 man RAIDS to kill this guy and we unable to do it when he was in the 15 man group. They could kill the 5 man one, and with difficulty the 10 man one, but the 15 man one was out of the question.

    I am sorry your buddy who makes your favorite new addon is now impacted by the /follow issue but I will not say I am unhappy.

    • theerivs Says:

      Well you must have great gear, because when I go against 5 seperate people i usually lose.

      • I didn’t say I win, I said I had a chance.

        BIG difference

      • theerivs Says:

        Poetato…potato me thinks.

      • No, two different words. Two different meanings. L2reading comprehension Rivs :-p

        When I did a lot of BGs with my bf and guildies in Cata I was able to survive 5-6 people at once. In fact I was kept alive by my bf (disc priest) while a guildie helped to kill off the other team that was attacking our flag.

        It is called teamwork. If you as a healer cannot survive 5-6 people beating on you then your teammates suck.

        My argument is when a multiboxer is involved, having a good team doesn’t increase your odds of surviving. You might as well not have a team helping you.

      • theerivs Says:

        I think it’s semantics. IF I have 5 people focusing on me, and I die. What’s the difference if I have 5 toons focusing on me and I die, or a multiboxer with 5 toons. Yes your chance with 5 seperate people goes up, but the results are usually the same. For a good team, and good CC’s a multiboxer isn’t a sure loss either.

      • Why do I have a feeling you have never faced a good multiboxer?

      • theerivs Says:

        Now THAT’s true. I really haven’t seen many multiboxers, and it isn’t like I’m a total slouch, and that’s probably why I don’t really see the issue as bad as some.

      • The one that plagued Drak ran with hunters/pallys.

        Each character would stun you at the exact same time then each would unload their largest hit at the exact same time.

        So lets give you some numbers.

        5 hunters vs 1 clothie (aka me). First attack is ALWAYS a stun.

        Lets assume I have 150k health and they each crit me for 25k at the exact same time. BOOM 125k health GONE.

        That still leaves me with 25k health left after their first hit, but mind you I am still stunned.

        They then follow up with additional attack. It doesn’t even matter what the additional attack is, they only need to hit me for 25k and I am dead.

        Even if I were to trinket, I can’t heal up that much health while trying to also attack them back. This is assuming I have a trinket equipped while out doing dailies. (hint I don’t and most people don’t).

        So here it is to sum it up for you: STUN! CRIT! HIT! dead.

        There, now you know how it feels to face off against a multiboxer.

      • theerivs Says:

        I got bubble power though…STUN…trinket…Crit…bubble…Hit…laugh. 😉

      • /sigh

        I’m going to smack you so hard if I ever make it out to see you!

      • theerivs Says:


  2. Krybaby Says:

    I tried out multiboxing awhile back it was pretty cool; it was very tedeous for me and never tried it out in BG’s. I dont see them in BG’s enough to consider them a problem. Maybe once every two weeks. The bots, I see every day. I think over the spring break I’m going to try out the Oqueue addon.

    • theerivs Says:

      Kry, exactly I don’t see them that much. Yea try OQ it’s pretty awesome once you get started.

  3. You guys are talking about multi boxing like its a bad thing. I mean look at those three blondes. Who would not want to hit that multi box?

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