Brand New Patch Smell

Car-Girl-562___466x349Well the new patch is out, and I got to do some things.

– I went to the Isle of Thunder and did some dailies, looked at the gear of the Sunreaver Onslaught. It’s full of Meh, but I have to work on getting to exalted, I want my Triceratops mount damn it. As a pally tank, I love the kill X amount quests. Round them all up, and kill them all.

– I did the quest to promote Farmer Yoon, and the Farm is all mine. Muhahaha. I started doing work orders, lookign forward to finally getting something more then motes of harmony for my farming efforts…damn you WoW Farmville. Now I’m hooked. Also got to try a couple things I used my plow to run over vermin in untilled soil, and the soil bugged out I couldn’t till it. I also tried seed bags….AWESOME time saver.

– I got some new PvP gear, and I’m dropping it like it’s hot.

Overall I’m digging alot of things in this patch, and I’m looking to really make a dent this PvP season.

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