Is that a Direhorn in your Pocket?

hot girl 6Or you just happy to see me?

Welp new patch is coming out, and I can’t say I’m not excited. Even though I have some more honor farming to do tonight. I thought I would share some of things I’m looking forward to.

1. New PvP Season – I’m actually ready for the start of a season instead of playing catch up. I got JP capped, and hopefully honor will be capped tonight, so I hopefully can get a weapon, shield, and a piece or two as well. Also excited when I finish up my mage, I can craft some PvP gear, and not be totally sucky.

2. Gold – I’ve been stocking Ghost Iron, and I hope all the wanna be Blacksmiths buy all mine up. Let’s just say Chinese Farmers are jealous of how much I farm Ghost Iron.

3. New MountBad Ass Triceratops…the only reason I’ll do quests.

4. PvP Quests – Earn some extra honor…yes please.

5. New Tiller Stuff – Ok I’m an addict now…it’s just for the Motes of Harmony…I Swear! Though the Work Orders will get me some much needed Rep with factions I hate doing quests for.

You looking forward to anything in this patch?

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