Neverwinter Blues

drow2Ahh Cryptic you are doing it again, you are tempting me with a hot and spicy dish, but I’m worried it will end up a soggy sandwich in the end.

Let’s go back to Star Trek Online. I bought a Collectors Edition, and I thought this would be the awesomest game EVER! Turns out space combat and PvP was cool, but that’s about it. Nothing else appealed to me in this game. I felt burned.

Here we are a couple years later and as I’m looking at the Website for Neverwinter.  I’m thinking a few things…


Spider Mount…Awesome

200 bucks to get them…..FUCK YOU!

I have to spend 200 bucks to get that piece of awesomness. There isn’t any way, and I feel that it’s a set up to be burned. I just don’t trust Cryptic anymore, so I may or may not check out Neverwinter because it’s free to play, but it’s got to be pretty fantastic for me to stay.  If you can play an Lawful Evil Character AND make some Evil choices……well I might give them some money.

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