I’m Too Sexy For My Tabard

Riv1Transmogging is one of those things I thought I would NEVER get into. I’m a man’s man not some fashion model that likes to parade around in a fancy dress. Though I am highly individualistic, and my machismo wore down to the fact I like looking different then everyone else. As time went by I did some Transmogging, but nothing too serious, like I would be oh this dagger looks hot, or that shield would look awesome.

Last night in my quest for my turtle, and hit exalted with the Pandas, which I did achieve, I also achieved exalted with Thrallmar. So I look at the rewards, and there’s shoulders, and gloves which are red, and look pretty decent so I buy them. There was an awesome sword too but it wasn’t transmogging which is horseshit. As well as the rewards,  I also farm heroic instances, and I get alot of drops. Well I take a look at them, and I feast my eyes on the coolest looking helm. It looks straight almost like a Roman Helmet, but the greatest thing is it matched my red shoulders and gloves so great, add to the mix my Horde Shield. It all adds up to one thing…..

I’m one Sexy Bitch!

2 Responses to “I’m Too Sexy For My Tabard”

  1. lol…damn fancy pants blood elves…

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