Hero in a Half Shell

turtle-power-38NjsSo I did a little PvP this weekend, but what I’m really doing right now is working on my, and if I’m spelling it wrong I don’t care but the Hujon Pandaren Faction. Why? I want a turtle mount damn it. Ok I admit I like fluff, especially mounts. When I saw a guildie on a turtle, and the turtle went in it shell. I LOVED IT.  I got my tabard, and I’m farming away Heroics in BC, and Wrath. What I noticed is I’m making some killer gold. Like 500 gold a day almost. I was like Whoa. This might be something I do all the time. Better then wasting my honor on daggers, and selling them.

Hopefully I’ll have my turtle today, or tomorrow the latest, so I can go back to banking some more honor. March 5th is coming fast.

9 Responses to “Hero in a Half Shell”

  1. You could’ve just leveled a panda to 20 . . . 😉

  2. I didn’t read the post, but that is a nice picture.

  3. I wonder if those are painted on suits…oh yeah..not like it’s hard getting the turtle mount riv..sheesh!! I would rather use one of those fine young ladies for a mount…oh boy I did go there.

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