Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living –

I’ll be just working on farming, and banking some honor. I’m going to convert my honor to justice points until that’s capped, then work on getting my honor capped. If I get enough Conquest points until March 5th, the supposed end of the season I’ll try to upgrade one of my Mal pieces.

High Latency Love –

He’s back and more motivated as ever. I thought we got rid of Scary, but like a bad rash he came back. Go stop by Scary Worlds, and give him the dirty finger for me.

High Latency Laugh –

I’m an avid King of the Nerds fan….here’s the Servants of the Forsaken Orb Nerd Anthem.

With that….


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    A rash…a rash… A RASH! Insulted! I thought I was more like herpes on a meth addict.

    …a rash pffft

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