I Roleplay a Underpaid Migrant Farmer

churningSo let’s take a break from the PvP talk, and discuss how the hell instead of a great healer, or a mage I’m doing farm chores everyday.

Let me start off to the fact I hate Motes of Harmony. The whole concept was stupid to the tenth power. I think I got a total of 9 of them when I was leveling to 90.  So they says get Revered with the Tiller Faction, and then you can literally farm Motes. Well I’ve been doing just that. I have to say it wasn’t hard, but it took daily dedication to my little farm. Now it’s paying off big time.

I’m still not 100% happy though, cause I HATE doing it….no hate isn’t a strong enough word. I want to say loathe, perhaps despise.

When I signed up to play a MMORPG, I wanted to be a warrior, or epic hero of some kind. I don’t want to play a migrant farm worker who works hard picking weeds, and gets paid nothing.

I did get a goat mount though, I named him Otega cause he’s a guildie that loves goats.

One Response to “I Roleplay a Underpaid Migrant Farmer”

  1. that whole thing about farming…yeah kept me from skilling cooking to 600. I realized how many mats were needed and that killing stuff to get the mats was no longer a viable solution…I would rather leave the migrants to their work 🙂

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