Don’t PvP on my Head, and Say it’s Raining

hooker-018As the patch 5.2 comes closer I am left with some hard choices. I need to have capped honor, or close enough to it (so when my conquest points convert they will be able to). Now here’s the questions at hand…

1. When is this damn patch coming out? – I hear end of Feb. I hear beginning of March….Depending who you talk to it’s different story. When is Blizz going to give a heads up, or will they?

2. What to do with Dreadful? – Off the bat I probably can’t afford all Malevolent gear from Honor. So should I upgrade some of my Dreadful to fill in the gaps until I can get all Mal gear.

3. What’s going to be the new numbers to aim for in terms of resil, and power? – Things are getting upgraded, so I’m sure I’m going to need bigger numbers everywhere.

I’m a little pissed, I just got decked out in Dreadful, and working on Malevolent….now I got news hey you need ALL new shit. I just wish this game wasn’t so damn gear dependent. I remember the days of old when Skill > Gear….now I’m thinking those days are long gone in WoW.

3 Responses to “Don’t PvP on my Head, and Say it’s Raining”

  1. Rumor has it that we will get a 2-week notification in the form of the official end of the current PvP season. I didn’t see anything today, so perhaps another 3 weeks out?

  2. March 5th is end of Season 5.1 At the end of season all conquest will go away and become honor. All conquest gear will be sold for honor. You will not be able to earn conquest during a 1 week window where everyone will get time to catch up with gear by getting the malevolent 473 (8 ilvls lower than it was when it was conquest) gear. Patch for 5.2 will be out on March 12th – at that time everyone will once again be able to earn conquest points.

    Between now and then Riv – upgrade whatever conquest gear you have to 491 if at all possible. Make sure you get your sha Kill every week for a potential upgrade slot. Only buy more malevolent if you have upgraded every piece you own + have enough to buy something useful (may I suggest the other spirit ring – 2X rings w spirit = good idea). You should be able to fully malevolent up for 5.2 during that one week – try to set aside time to grind all the honor possible during that one week.

    If you have further questions bro just let me know!!

  3. Oh, also…you may want to convert any honor you cap these next two weeks to justice until you have 4K justice – 4K honor. This will give you the chance to buy two malevolent pieces with honor – then convert the justice back to honor and buy more malevolent 473

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