It Burns When I PvP

s-STRIPPERS-largeI love AV Call to Arms. I load up on the honor fast. There are some surprising wins, but this morning it was mostly losses. Alot of it has to do with those damn Bots. For some reason when the bots are out farming some obscure place I don’t really mind. Hell keep those AH prices down. When they are in my BG, messing all that shit up, it drives me insane. Thats why I love the add on Oqueue. To be in a BG with all live players is great.

Well some major changes coming up to PvP in WoW….

Here’s an  article for your enjoyment.

MMO Champion…


Decision…decisions is right.  Here’s my plan. I just need the Dreadful Helm, and Dreadful Bracers to complete my set. I’m going to get those this AV CTA, but then the rest of the time I’m going to bank my honor, and try to reach cap. I’m going to also try to get my Conquest points up to get one more Malevolent Piece, so I don’t have an Conquest left that converts to honor. So when 5.2 comes out I can get my weapon I hope, and maybe another piece of Mal.

2 Responses to “It Burns When I PvP”

  1. Hey riv…I am guessing they will require 7200 honor in the season to get the weapon. Won’t be hard – one good CTA run should get it for ya. They did the same thing in cataclysm.

  2. The photo for this is /swoon I approve!

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