Summon the Ice Lord!

snowThis weekend was filled with PvP fun, and I got some more PvP gear but two events led by my buddy/guildie aka Linax on his pally, or Aurellian on his mage really was the bomb. I’m old school so I’ll still call him Bit which is short for Bitaken, that’s his Armsmens name from the Dark Age of Camelot days…old habits break hard.

Let’s start with I met a bunch of new peeps via Oqueue and we did a 9 man premade for the Call to Arms which was the mines. They we’re a fun bunch of people, and that’s what I like about the Oqueue add on which it brings like minded people together…to crush our opponents. Also did a bunch with my guildies and that was really fun. I love running with my guildies more than anything….it’s what I live for.  

The highlight of the weekend though was two premades we made for  Isle of Conquest, and Alterac Valley. I never did these two BG’s in a premade before, and let me tell you it was an experience.  IoC is not my favorite BG to begin with, but when your in a well organized premade it makes it alot…alot better. Couple things of note is that there are some bots roaming around, and being part of a premade I’m glad it cuts down on this for our side. I saw this pally just following the same path, we kill him, he’d do the same thing over…and over again. It was comical…yet sad.

But the pure highlight of the evening was being part of an AV where we summoned the Ice Lord.  I haven’t seen the Ice Lord since pre BC, and even then it was odd indeed. I think the greatest is when Alliance came to fight Galv, we all came running in to stop them. They we’re probably, “what the hell?”. Then to see the Ice Lord kill, and kill until he reached Vandar was pure awesome, and he got pretty big. In fact I heard he can get bigger then what I saw him.

And to sugar coat this all Bit, aka Linax/Aurellian is getting a little recognition for his leadership skills by the guys who made Oqueue which is purely awesome.


One Response to “Summon the Ice Lord!”

  1. If only the two hot babes came with the ice lord summon….

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