I don’t want another DAOC2

miriam-wowAs Mark Jacobs puts out a Dev Blog, I would have to agree with him. I mean I loved Dark Ages of Camelot. It what started my love of MMORPGS. There’s alot of things in DAOC though that can be brought over to Camelot Unchained. I’m going to list a few of them.

5 things from DAOC I would like to see in Camelot Unchained.

1. Unique Classes – I like classes with flavor. In DAOC each class was different, a healer on Albion side, wasn’t the same thing as a Healer on Hiberian side. Sure they both healed, but clerics smited, and I may or may not be correct tree hugging healers were mezzers (Crowd Controllers too) I don’t really know I hated those tree hugging bastards. My point is difference, and no cookie cutting.

2. Realm Pride – Pick a side, and be a part of that side. If you make an Arthurian toon on one server, you can’t have a Viking on the same server. I think not having toons on different sides  on the same server will help a long way in forcing people to choose a side, and stick with it.

3. Class Interdependency – Healers can’t kill shit, and DPS can’t last long without healers, and they all need some heavily armored monsters taking the hits. This way it allows for awesome team building,  and doesn’t make one class more important than the other.

4. Challenges – I use to love a good Mile Gate battle in DAOC, it presented a challenge. The Defenders were there, it was a choke point, and we had to play our very best to overcome them, and when we did…wow….it was awesome.

5. Darkness Falls Type Place – Darkness Falls was a dungeon only one side controlled at a time, when the other side won it they cleared out the losing side. Nothing inspired more blood lust when we got control of DF in DAOC, or nothing inspired more fear then sitting there solo and seeing that the enemies just took control….a gank was incoming. I know this game is strictly RvR, but DF was fun.

These are just a few of the concepts i enjoyed in DAOC, which I think can be brought to Camelot Unchained in a new format, but still have the spirit there.

P.S. I apologize the picture has nothing to do with the post… That picture is for a friend of mine since he was harping on me, I never post pictures of hotties lately….enjoy.

5 Responses to “I don’t want another DAOC2”

  1. Been burned to many times in the past, your hottie may well be a dude.

    Good to see MJ doing things again. I missed that bald eagle of a man. So glorious. So regal. Another kickstarter to unload my wallet into.

  2. scarybooster Says:

    Sounds a lot like DAoC. I’ve heard the promises of MMOs doing all those things and 90% of the time the final product is nothing like what they say. WAR is living proof of that. Such a hyped POS

  3. Poor Grimnir.

    Google “There’s Something About Miriam”

  4. If the game is as hot as it sounds – that chick will pale in comparison…wait..no she won’t. Damn bro thanks!

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