One Lone Beastie I Be

Beastie Boys Studio PortraitSo one of my latest obsessions is soloing stuff. I always did enjoy going through old content and tearing it up for fun and profit. The other day I headed into Magtheridon. I crushed him literally. I got some good stuff, as well a 20 slot bag which was nice to use in my bank replacing one of the 16 slot bags I use in there. I might have to head back and get more bags.

Now I do a Heroic  Halls of Lightening run every so often cause I heard Books of Glyph Mastery drop in there a lot. I also heard that those books fetch a decent price. (lowest price one is 199 gold on my server right now)  Well to no avail, no books, but I do get 100-150 gold a run which is nothing to sneeze at, and I actually get rep, and a few honor points, sure only like 15 but hey it’s pure bonus really for a run that takes literally 15 minutes if that.

Last night I got it in my head to try Gruul. Well I got to High King Maulger, and I was stopped. Between the Warlock douchebag (Olm the Summoner), another reason I hate Warlocks, fearing me, and some other douche polymorphing me every few seconds I couldn’t get the fat ogre bitches down. I wanted to kill the priest first cause if I didn’t he kept healing others. Maybe there’s a better strat to solo these a-holes, or I might have to bring a DPS friend.

For right now my dreams of seeing Gruul’s crotch again will have to wait.


2 Responses to “One Lone Beastie I Be”

  1. You don’t need to farm the books anymore. People don’t need them because the current inscription cooldown does glyph research for you.

    My scribe now has all the glyphs without ever using a book.

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