Looking for a New Writer

Let me start off by saying Bee was a great writer, and I loved her attitude, I really can’t fill her shoes….but I can find a new voice, and encourage someone new to blog. it’s time HLL looked for another ying to my yang. To bring a new voice to this blog, freshen things up, and to make the place smell nicer.

I’m looking for preferably a female, someone who loves to write about MMO’s, I prefer someone who plays mainly WoW. I’m looking for someone new to blogging who wants to have a built in audience for their writing.

Now don’t let what I’m looking for dissuade you, even if you don’t fit the bill I’m looking for contact me and we’ll talk. Contact me at cc0926(at)gmail.com

4 Responses to “Looking for a New Writer”

  1. I know this girl, Lennay Kekua, who may be interested. lol

  2. I could cross dress and blog about the time I did a one-week trial of WoW. That ought to keep your readers riveted 😉

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