That New Car Smell

girl in bikini hotAh 2013 is here, and it has that new car smell. A fresh beginning where we make our resolutions, and promise to do bigger, and better things. Alas by December, 2013 will smell like ass, and we will all have pretty much failed on that resolution bullshit.

It is said those who break their resolutions are weak, and those who make them are fools…well being a real big fool here are a couple of mine in regards to video games.

1. To make 80 with my warrior in Guild Wars 2.

2. To PvP the hell out of my holy pally in WoW.

3. To maybe revisit Star Wars, it’s free damn it.

4. To maybe try another class in Guild Wars 2, but I have no idea what.

5. To blog some actually interesting posts this year.  I felt my blog has been falling flat a bit.

6. To try to change things up a bit, maybe more interviews, and such.

7. To actually start writing my novel.

8. To post cleaner, or more wholesome pics.

Welp….One Resolution broken! 7 more to go.


5 Responses to “That New Car Smell”

  1. For a new GW2 class I’d advise you to give the necro a go. That was my first, and I really enjoyed it, I played it as a close combat class with vitality spec.

  2. Whaaaaaat? That p[ics pretty wholesome 🙂

  3. oops… +pic is…..

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