Yearly Lagout

High Latency Living –

Well 2012 was a mixed bag of nuts in terms of gaming we saw the release of a WoW expansion, and Guild Wars 2 escaped the fate of vaporware. We saw some failures too, such as SWTOR.

High Latency Love –

I want to thank all my readers, and also I want to salute to all the bloggers we saw that hung up their hats. I think the blogosphere took some heavy hits this year.

High Latency Prophesies –

Everyone makes predictions, like Keen has his…I’m making prophesy….this is some bibilical shit right here.

1. A DAOC clone will be announced. It will have RvR, and be fantasy setting. Mark Jacobs will include an NPC with my name on it.

2. WoW will finally announce Titan.

3. EVE will finally make sense to me.

4. I might actually answer the Darkfall PR guy’s email.

5. City of Steam becomes a huge hit, they add a virtual statue of me in Refuge.

6. There still will be no Warhammer 40k MMO in 2013

7. There will be more classic driven games, and resurgance of nostalgia thus Super Mario MMO will be born. 

8. Next expansion to WoW will be announced, 2 new player races….Naga, and Ogres. It will involve the return of the Titans, and be the branch over to the new MMO.

9. I might play an FPS MMO, then realize I suck at FPS, and quit one month later….but then again I do that every year it seems.

10. I become super rich, and start a 5v5 pvp arena team for WoW with Mila Kunis, Seth Green, William Shatner, and Trent Reznor. We will not be very good, just very cool.

We’ll come back to these next year and know that I have powers like Nostrodomous, and poop.

High Latency Pic of the Year

Viking fans

I love that pic…with that.



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