Could there be a Dark Ages of Camelot 2…Sorta?

Mila-Kunis-9Mark Jacobs, and his new Dev Team,  City State Entertainment, released a Teaser.

Now I admit I had a little bit of a boner. My first MMO was Dark Ages of Camelot, and I loved it. I mean Realm Versus Realm. The pride of taking another Realms relics, the pride of being in one of the best guilds of our server. The joy of crushing our enemies seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of the women.

Sorry got a little carried away. I’ll be keeping my eye on Mark and his crew..hopefully good things will come.

3 Responses to “Could there be a Dark Ages of Camelot 2…Sorta?”

  1. Check out the Elder Scrolls online too. 3v3 fighting too. It also has one of the guys from DAC.

  2. Mark Jacobs Says:

    Thanks! Hopefully over the next few weeks you’ll like what other teasers we release. Thanks for the kind words.

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