Christmas Lagout

High Latency Life –

Being on the naughty list I usually don’t get any new toys to play with, and it being the holidays I get some time off, so that  leaves me alot of time to try to level my Warrior in Guild Wars 2…That is if the girlfriend allows me to play.  I’ll be taking a break until 12/27 so see ya until then…

High Latency Love –

Some love to Pitrelli ( I wonder if he’s Italian like me sometimes?) for giving me some advice on crafting.

Also I want to say no matter what holiday you celebrate I hope you have a happy and safe one…for the rest of you Christian bastards out there…Merry Christmas!

High Latency Christmas Pic –

This is why I don’t get new toys….but I don’t care.



With that….


One Response to “Christmas Lagout”

  1. Haha thanks for the shoutout much appreciated, unfortunately no Italian blood in me…. Being Scottish isn’t so bad though 😉

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