The Grind Continues

Hollie%20GrindingSo I’m working on my Warrior, and people are giving me tips like I should level crafting. Here’s the issue….I love money….and crafting costs money. I’m nearing my first gold, and I’ll need that to upgrade my skills. Some other people tell me map completion is the way to go, I don’t have the patience, or the OCD to do that. Some of these places are hard to find, or my Mario jumping skills are not what they use to be looking for vistas. So I really don’t want to do that either. So being the cheap impatient ho that I am, I’m finding other ways to gain xp fast…like WvW

This is an awesome way to level, when things are going good it’s awesome…when it’s not going good…well it plan sucks salty donkey balls. Like I spent an hour one night, and my xp hardly moved, then last night I gained a level in like 10 minutes. WvW is a great filler for the grind though I must say.  

Well I’m having fun, there is so much to still check out, and I can’t wait until I can hit some dungeons.

2 Responses to “The Grind Continues”

  1. Even one craft will make a big difference to both levelling speed and your toons power. Id personally advise jewelcrafting as its far and away the easiest to level and means you can sell all other crafting mats you gather bar ore and gems. Also jewellery is harder to come by than armor drops.

    Regardless if you have found a way to level which suits you then fair play, just remember all that gold you gathered on the way to 80 won’t get you full exotic gear and you might wish you had some crafting to fall back on.

  2. […] Latency Life has been dipping his toe back into Guild Wars 2 again and had been asking for some advice for levelling and gaining a bit of power and survivability which I offered in the comments […]

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