I Can Only Handle One at a Time

80918063It seems like I can’t take on more then 1 mob at a time in GW2. When fighting one on one I’m fine as a warrior, but it seems when I’m facing more then one opponent. It a challenge to stay alive. Am I doing something wrong, do I need better armor. I have the top healing skill. I mean is my survivalbilty that bad when I have 3 mobs on my I’m just screwed. Though I’m happy with one mob at a time, sometimes mobs jump me, and I’m forced to take them on.

Beside survival issues with my warrior. I’m enjoying the game, everyday I’m learning something new, and duel axes is a beast. I can’t wait to head into PvP.  I want to get into the economy more, instead of just vendoring all the stuff I need. I’ve been selling it at auction.


8 Responses to “I Can Only Handle One at a Time”

  1. What you running with? weapons wise? greatsword is the boss for groups of mobs but two handed hammer is pretty awesome too for control. Only played my warrior in beta up to around level 18.

    Started a thief alt who is pretty quishy but I found using vitality gear helps until I get more survivability skills,

  2. you have two weapons equipped though right? pick up a greatsword asap and bind switch weapon to one of your mouse buttons. if you get in trouble using axes switch to greatsword and use thousand blades skill (think its called that). also dodge often and use f1 skill when its fully charged.

  3. alternatively equip a melee set and a ranged set to switch between

  4. I want to handle those three hotties all at once..omg the Blonde on the far right…riv you have to tell me where you find these pics…

  5. […] the Rivs over at A High Latency Life has been dipping his toe back into Guild Wars 2 again and had been asking for some advice for levelling and gaining a bit of power and survivability […]

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