Fare thee well, where ever thou fares

star-trek-tpol-lt_-saavik-cosplay-wars-vulcan-nerd-sexyThe great thing about playing and blogging about MMO’s was that I get to meet, and talk to some exceptional people. From the great people in my guild, to my fellow bloggers who love to write about these little pixels. One of these great people is Scarybooster, he wrote his farewell post today, and even though I’m a cynical douchebag, I found myself deeply saddened. Oh he’s not dead, and I sincerely hope he keeps in touch, and if he ever touches Illinois soil, I want to get him so drunk, he curses my name until God hears him.

It’s just some of my greatest moments in blogging were due to Scary, and no matter what enemy was crashing down my door he had my back. I always wished that are Podcast would of took off, The Donkey Show would of been awesome I’m sure. From starting a guild with him, to debating crap with him, and just sharing our lives with each other, I enjoyed getting know him. He’s a funny bastard Scary is, and like me either you get him…or you don’t, and those that get him treasure him.

I wish him all the success in the world, he deserves it. In Honor of Scary there will be no Weekly Lagout this week, and I will forever leave his blogs on my blogrolls.

To quote Spock – “I have been and always shall be your friend”

4 Responses to “Fare thee well, where ever thou fares”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    Thank you very much! I never started blogging for the hits or attention, it was about creativity and writing. I’ve ran out of both when it comes to video games. When I figure out my new voice, I might start blogging again. Right now the well is dry. You’ve been a great friend over the years and your blog is always a place I turn to for the blunt truth and have naked pictures of women.

    Keep up the great writing and unique perspective. I’ll be reading… I even have admin rights to write on you blog… Hmmmmm

  2. The Vulcan chick is hot. Oh, and we’ll miss you, Scary. 😛

  3. yeah am a bit gutted to hear the news with Scary although there is still hope he changes his mind, it seems mmo bloggers are dropping like flies

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