Damn it Jim, I’m a Pally, not a Mathematician

So I decided to go back to Holy Spec on my Pally to do some good ole fashioned healing for my Horde brethern. Damn it though what’s with this PvP Power stuff, and I’m hearing stuff from Guildies about some 15% debuff on healing called Battle Fatigue. I don’t know what’s up with that.

It’s just healing is getting more and more complicated, and it’s bumming me out. With Shadow Priests, and Warlock with their constant fearing, don’t they have cool downs. The other classes that have a million tricks up their sleeves, no wonder why we can’t find healers in PvP. Blizz is making it rough indeed.

Well I’m going to give it the college try, and see. I would say if I didn’t like it I would go back to Ret in PvP, but every Pally knows Ret is a big joke in PvP.

2 Responses to “Damn it Jim, I’m a Pally, not a Mathematician”

  1. You as a pally just doesn’t seem…right.

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