Back in Black

Well took a little break, well ok not from gaming in general. Been playing a shit ton of War 40k, Kill Team on my PS3 with my girlfriend….trying to get her addicted to video games. I am almost there I think, she was yelling and screaming at the screen…always a good sign.  Can we have a Chaos version THQ…Puhleeze. If I can play as an Iron Warrior, and hear my guy shout “Iron Without, Iron Within”…I can die with a smile on my face.

I signed up for Marvel Heroes to be a Beta Tester. Though I’m not a HUGE Super Hero genre MMO player. I love the Marvel Universe, and is the only universe I would take a chance on. I tried DCUO, but well…yeah…that was full of meh.

WoW has gotten a little stale, think it’s that damn rep grind, and farmville crap has really got me down. I’m going to climb back on that horse, and see if we can ride that bad boy until it drops dead.

One thing I am excited about is The Hobbit movie, I think I’m more excited about this movie then the Lord of the Rings ones. The Hobbit started all this off for me, and when I see those trolls I’ll have a nerdgasm. It will be interesting to see how the hell Peter Jackson stretches this out for 3 movies…but I have faith in him….for now.

5 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. Yea your turning me! I wanna play again! 🙂

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