We are all Animals under the Skin, Milady

That’s the line from one of my favorite movies, Legend. Ok who screamed Nerd? Anywho I read my friend Scary’s aka Panda Cock  post today, and it got me thinking, and since douchebag doesn’t have comments open looks like I gotta make my own post. I turned 40 myself recently and alot of same thoughts circle my head as Scary, with some major differences.

“Fuck the Fame, All I want is the Money”  – Tupac

Do you think Steve Jobs had a normal life? Do you think being a great person means being famous. I don’t want the trappings of fame. I don’t want to make a dent in humanity. Here is the thing I am a product of my enviroment, and my choices reinforced those lessons I learned.  I could give two shits about someone I don’t know half a world away, do they give two shits about me? Probably not. Am I selfish? Yes. Am I self centered? Yes.  Am I heartless monster? No. I take care of those who I care about, and respect, but I was diagnosed as Lawful Evil on one of those poll thingies. Which is true, let’s just say my past is really sketchy.  As for Scary, he is an optimist. I wish I could be, I seen the underbelly of human society. I looked into eyes of a killers, thieves, and evil men as I dwelled in the dark places of the earth. I have no such optimism.

“Know your role” – The Rock

I know my place in the world, I know in three generations no one will even remember me like the 99% of the worlds population. I am happy with that lot in life, eeking out my little niche. Would I like more? Yes. Will I be happy with what I have? Definately. To remove suffering one must remove desire so say the Zen Buddists, and I firmly believe that. I strive to do the best I can, with what I have, and given the choices in my daily life, and that’s all I can do.  I am a beleiver of fate, and destiny and whatever mine is, so be it.

“It’s not the age that’s killing me, it’s the mileage” – River

Bottomline, one day I will die, will I care whether I was famous, or not, wealthy or not, liked or not?  Will it matter if I have volumes of books, or landed on Mars. No I will be dead, and beyond such things.

One Response to “We are all Animals under the Skin, Milady”

  1. Wow, you didn’t tell me your birthday back on Sept 26th was the big 4-0! Wow, you’re old. Ha! 40 is like the new 20 or something like that… I really liked this post. That’s one of the things I like about you Riv, you’re always yourself. You don’t put on airs or sugar coat your feelings about stuff. I’m older than you (not by much), but trust me when I say that as you pass into your 40’s you’ll find you really tolerate less and speak your mind more. It’s very “enlightening” in that sense.

    If you haven’t read Plato’s Republic, I suggest you give it a gander. There’s some great lines when the older men begin discussing how their attitudes changed over their life and begin accepting their places and their fate and begin to appreciate the little things, such as friendship, food, women and the simpler pleasures in life. BTW, Tim curry as the tempting demon was absolutely awesome. My only wish was that Meg Mucklebones ate Tom Cruise for real. She was such a cool witch and wasn’t in the movie enough! Yes, I’m a nerd too and I’m okay with that –

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