Vote for Megatron

Today is the day Americans exercise their civic duty. I want to vote for who I want. I want Megatron as my leader.

5 reasons Megatron should be president.

5. Evil – There is no surprises. He’s not a wolf in sheeps clothing…just a pure wolf.

4. Running Mate – Soundwave is his running mate, and lets face it Soundwave has more charisma then any VP of our age and time.

3. Equality– We’re all equal in his eyes…we are all snivveling worms.

2. View on Alternate Energy– Energon for everyone.

1. More than meets the Eye– Let’s face it, terrorists ain’t going to mess with a President who transforms into a gun.

4 Responses to “Vote for Megatron”

  1. Voting Megatron means that Starscream is one step from the big job. Can’t have that.

  2. scarybooster Says:

    I call my penis Megatron.

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