The Pally Pal

Many moons ago in Dark Ages of Camelot there was a couple of Paladins who dyed their armor pink, and called themselves the Pally Pals. I sometimes just think of those guys, at least I assume they were guys, but I just laugh. When you’re a Prot Pally, you’re everyones Pally Pal

Last night I log on, and one of our guildie tanks got DC’d due to that bitch Sandy. I was ninja’d invited to finish the heroic. Though I never been to this heroic, my guild were really awesome in explaining the fight….”Stand here, and stop shit from touching us”, or “Stuff on the ground, don’t stand in it, that’s about it. Ready?”  Which gets me laughing because that’s about it too.

Now when I’m tanking, I turn into serious Riv. I don’t joke that much, or even talk. It’s all business, especially new heroics I haven’t been to yet. I’m sure once I get geared out with Purple Awesome Epics, I’ll be able to breathe a little more…not yet though. I picked up some nice shoulders last night, which now allows me to join LFR.  Which will be awesome to learn tanking in there, and hopefully get some awesome tanking gear.

In other news, that Horseman is a son of a biotch. No mount yet, and I’ve run it tons of times. I’m crying horseshit!


10 Responses to “The Pally Pal”

  1. So I shouldn’t mention the mount I got several years ago that is now account bound right?

  2. scarybooster Says:

    Honestly, who doesn’t have this mount…? I got it back when the Lich King was in diapers.

  3. scarybooster Says:

    What sucks is when it drops and your blood races with excitement, then you roll a 1.

    … Good luck 🙂

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