Cool Little Tips

I love when I learn a cool little tip here or there. Last doing Heroic Stormstout Brewery…for the hundredth time (ok fifth) trying to get my tanking weapon to no avail.

The last boss is preceded by a couple mob phases, one of the mob phases has a bunch of mobs which are spread out and don’t really move. Well the group I’m with is all from the same guild, and the monk goes, “Tank when they come up, we’re all going to stand behind the pillar on far side of the room, and line of sight them.”

So when they popped up the whole group went behind the pillar, they followed us, and we AOE’d the crap out of the little bastards. I didn’t even know you could do that, and it made the run a little easier. 

That really made my day learning cool little things to speed things up, anyone has any cool tips feel free to share them if you so wish,

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