Back From the Dead

Well I was a bit under the weather, I think it was bubonic plague or the gypsy curse finally caught up to me. Either way with being, and trying not to die, I haven’t written a whole helluva alot. Even my twitter peeps are probably missing me…ok probably not. Though I was to sick to pound words out on my keyboard, I wasn’t too sick to play video games. They’ll have to pry me away my keyboard when I finally kick the bucket.

So I decided to make my Pally into a tank, a couple reasons…I like tanking, and easier queues for the Headless Horseman. I had some pieces already, like boots from the Sha of Anger, and Spiritguard armor fills in the holes nicely until I get better, one thing I need is a weapon. Oh I could buy one on the AH for 20k…..Uhm…Yea No.

So I been queuing for Brewery everyday, and that damn Ook’s sword has not dropped at all. Not to mention I’ve been doing Horseman at 4-5 times a day…No Mount, No Plate Helm….Not even a damn ring I could use.

So between being sick, the RNG gods hating me I’m starting to think one of the RP’ers put a hex on me or something…I don’t know, but River is getting angry…and no one wants to see me angry.

4 Responses to “Back From the Dead”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    I haven’t seen you on at all

  2. * sends you chicken soup / though from a can because I would have no idea white to start making from scratch.
    I got pretty lucky on my horseman stuff – got both rings in a couple of queues as healer because the person who would have rolled on the hit casters ring dc’d before the boss died.

    • Thank’s and I’m a single guy, so from a can is ok. It probably beats the other stuff I eat. Twizzlers is a meal right? Why am I sick?

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