The Headless Horseman Mount

By the pricking of my thumbs…something wicked this way comes….

I want the Headless Horseman Mount…real bad like. So bad when the event starts I’ll be running that instance ad nauseam until I get it, or collapse at my keyboard. Now don’t get me wrong I love me my proto-drake, but a flying evil horse….yes..please.

I don’t think there are enough evil looking mounts in game. Proto Drakes are hot. I love my Scorpion. I’m an undead horse fan big time (Yes I have Barons Mount)..other then that there’s really not much. I mean dragons in general drive me nuts with their pine cone tails, and their fishy looking heads. All the mounts you can buy are sparkly, or stupid looking. The new MoP mounts, turtle, yak, flying snake, and squat ugly statue thing….no thanks.

I love Halloween in general, but I love this mount even more…Oh time to break out my wands from last year too. Who wants to be a pirate?

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