90 and Beyond

I did it, I hit level 90 this weekend. I started to get some gear. I got a sweet axe in Scholomance. Man that place has changed, but some real different fights though, it’s more like a wham bam thank you man now, as before it was just a nice and slow romp in the sack.  Playing a Ret Pally is quite the challenge, DPS doesn’t come in bucketloads like the mage, every DPS I need to work at, with the gear upgrades it’s really getting better.  I have to say though, I’m trying my damnest looking at different ways to up the gear, and help my numbers.  It’s alot more challenging then my mage ever was, but that’s fun right?

My guild are pretty much hard working mofoes, I’m pretty proud of them as they near level 25 as a guild. I’m really looking forward to the scorpion mount.

Also am excited Scary is aboard with my little ragtag team in WoW. He’s playing a monk, and after running a heroic with a monk last night, they look pretty bad ass.

It’s the people that make an MMO sometimes, and right now in WoW. I’m playing with some top notch peeps.

Where do I go from here? More Gear…More Gold…More Mage.

I need better gear for my Ret Pally, I love making gold, I went from 500 gold, to 20k gold in MoP, and I’m not stopping, and time to level that mage.

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