Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living –

Fricking Motes of Harmony I need ten more to make me an awesome axe. I just reached 86 today, yeah I’m way behind the nerd curve…but I been farming ore like a mug and making some gold. Priorities my little Panda bitches.

Did a couple of dungeons..no gear yet…(Insert QQ here). With a good team they weren’t that hard. I can’t wait to see heroic though…Alot of shit on the floor, as a Ret Pally that’s a little rough.

So far I’m enjoying MoP ..

High Latency Love – 

Werit is old school, he goes way back to my Warhammer Blogging Days. I miss those days. 4 years I can’t believe it. Here’s a couple posts that really took me back…Pink for Tink, and what WAR means to Werit. I will offer up sacrifices, and prayers to the Raven God, the Changer of Ways for Tink,and her family. May he truly change the path she is on for the better.

High Latency Laugh – 

My GW2 Thoughts

High Latency Vacation- 

I’ll be off a few days recovering from my birthday party this weekend. I’ll see you all Thursday, unless something mind blowing happens. Which I doubt way MMO’s are going now.

With that…





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