The Changing Face of The Horde

So as I made my decision for the faction I would choose I read the little blurb about each faction.  I don’t remember exactly what it said, but basically it said Alliance had lofty ideals…The Horde respected strength and power. To me that read Alliance was good, and Horde was bad. It made me a little sour.

I was going to write a scathing post about how Alliance are just as evil. Then I thought about it…..The Horde isn’t the same Horde when I first starting playing. To me the Horde was about a group of outcasts, some escaping horrible internment camps to start and forge a new life.

That’s no longer so….We are the aggressors now, destroying towns, and going on the attack. As I heard Garrosh’s speech on my Panda last night, how if we had family and friends that went alliance their dead to us, so on and so forth. I just sit there thinking…what an asshole.

Then again this is War….there is no right and wrong in War because..It just is. So like a good little soldier I will destroy anyone not with the Horde, because if you aren’t with us…you are against us.


4 Responses to “The Changing Face of The Horde”

  1. You get the same speech from the King in Stormwind if you go Alliance… friends and family are enemies and we must do whatever needs to be done to stop our enemies, you’ll face them on the battlefield, etc.

    It actually ticked me off because what about the Pandaren zone told me that it was OK to kill other Pandaren? Shouldn’t your character push back on that or something?

  2. Uh… where is my sexy picture River?

    I don’t think the Horde has ever been “bad” for me. It has always been the faction that “was” evil because of Dark Portal and the blood infection. But in terms of the contemporary Horde, they just have different ideological priorities than the Alliance. I suppose good or bad depends on which perspective you look at it from.

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