Weekday Lagout

High Latency Living –

Busy…busy.  When I get a little time I’ve been leveling my elemental shaman in WoW. I feel bad haven’t been playing a lot of GW2. I don’t what it is, I just don’t feel the urgency I do with WoW, maybe cause MoP is coming out, and I know I won’t touch the shaman for quite some time. Let the Grind begin again. I don’t mind the level grind, but the crafting grind. SUCKS!. 

High Latency Love –

Some love to the Spinks because she shares my pain of trying to get an epic mount in Vanilla WoW.

Gonna give some love to Sypster, cause he is a baby making machine…I think he’s shooting for the Octodad title.

High Latency Laughs-

Epic Rap of Manliness.

With that.



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