The Fail of Theramore

Ok I did Theramore, It’s a Loot Pinata, if you get loot.

I went in with my Ret Pally, Warlock, and Mage. We crushed it. Really?  Sadly it’s a loot Pinata but all I got was some damn fireworks

Here’s my thoughts…

Challenge: No

Fun: No

Do I like it: No

Worth My Time: No

Will I keep doing it: Yes, Cause I’m a Loot Whore.

It’s an interesting idea, and I don’t blame Blizzard for trying something different, It’s just not fun. Anybody remember the Ruby Sanctum? Not many people do.. how fun was that…Hell I don’t want to run it now, let alone back when I was that level. I think it’s just give out some free gear to the casuals to get them ready for MoP. What do I know though. Well It just kind of sucks, and is a bit of a let down,

12 Responses to “The Fail of Theramore”

  1. Blizz fucked up. They’ve got this great track record of huge events tied to the release of new content. They haven’t always been popularly received (remember the QQ of the zombie event?), but they were big and spectacular. This just felt too small and very disconnected. I’ve done solo quests that were far more epic.

  2. I know this is shallow but if you;’re like me, you will like it a lot more after it has dropped some good loot.

    • I don’t think so, I was never about the loot. Hell in Vanilla my Orc wore Lightforge Shoulders cause I didn’t give a crap, plus I would say I was the first Orc Pally. I like to revisit alot of places in WoW, and it has nothing to do with the loot.

  3. This is a preview of Scenarios. It is not a pre-release event. The Pre-release event is the book which most people will not read. Blizzard f-ed up big time with this I think.

    • yeah I know it’s not a pre-release event, I believe Blizz said there would be no pre-relase event. If this what scenarios are about. I might be disgusted.

  4. I have to disagree although I respect your opinion as usual.. I thought it was fun. Not challenging. Not something I would do multiple times like a dungeon.. but it told a story, had some fun cinematic, and was fun trying with different comps like 3-dps (easy if dps is decent), 1 heals, 2 DPS (easy), 2 tanks and DPS (really easy!).

    I guess if you were looking for something challenging or some new dungeon it would be disappointing but I loved it. I enjoyed the story, helping J, goblin captains dropping huge bombs on us… the crater in Theramore is awesome. I dunno I just liked it a lot personally.

    I would like to see better scenarios more like the the well of eternity but I enjoyed this… (also Caveat I may just be so desperate for something new at this point that I am over associating enjoying the thing).

    • You respect my opinion? When and How did this start? LOL! I think I was just expecting more from Blizz. Perhaps I’m riding the hype train of MoP, and wish for a better taste.

      • yeah I totally respect that. I think scenerio’s are dungeon-light. It would have been nice to have something more for the destruction of Theramore too.. but if you just think of them as sweet chocolate then they are not bad.

  5. […] days later, it appears that the Fall of Theramore scenario has been showered with rather unanimously tepid reviews. Personally, I was tempted to agree, even though the joy of being back to playing […]

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