You Can Touch My Totem

So I shelfed the Baby Warlock,  I was sour that they got rid of my Felguard until later. So I noticed my guild didn’t have a Shaman, and we have a couple of awesome warlock ladies. So I rolled a Shaman, Orc was the only way to go for me.

I’m loving the guy, he’s level 16 now, and just tearing up shite. I went with Enhancement, and dual wielding axes just makes for awesomeness. Ok so he’s wearing my warlock heirlooms, my shaman makes the dress look hot.

The only thing I worry about is all the crying Shamans are doing lately, I mean their getting worse than mages…I know hard to believe. I found a really good new blog, that had a great post. It kind of gave me hope. I really liked the blog so I added it to my blogroll.

What does the future bring? Will I be playing the Shaman alot in MoP?  I don’t know, all I know is I’m having fun with him right now.

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