Weekly Lagout

HOLY POOP! It’s my 150th Lagout!!!!

High Latency Living –

Ok something I never thought I would do. I started looking for cool and unusual pets to have in my collection in WoW, to prepare for Pet Battles. There’s a Tiny Bog Beast that looks awesome from the Wetlands. God I should just start wearing a dress, and calling myself Sandy.

In other news I’m really looking forward to MoP, but not looking forward to the crafting grind again. Ugh.

High Latency Love –

She’s from the Midwest, and she visits Chicago so she has to be AWESOME…show her some love.. Stories of O 

Show some love to my new friend. Warcraft Pets. HAHA!

High Latency Laugh.

Class Stereotypes..

With That….


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