There are some people I do admire.

You know I spout I hate against feminists, and RP’ers, it’s not the people I hate…it’s the agenda of these groups. I’m going to tell you of some people I do admire.

There was a woman named Lillis, yes a female she use to co-run a guild I was in on Garona called Blight, now this was oh some 4 years ago. She was a great player, she had several toons, and no mater what she brought she brought her ‘A” game. She earned my respect, and when she talked I listened.

There was another woman guild leader which I have much respect for I’ll call her bubbles, but another blogger brought me to Azgalor, and I hooked up with Bubbles guild. Bubbles was co-guild leader, and after a long time the original guild broke up, that didn’t stop Bubbles she forged on.  She created a brand new guild, and forged on with raiding. Sure she probably hates my guts, for the things I spew about RP, cause you see she’s a big RP’er. That doesn’t stop me from respecting her. She took a bunch of rabble, and formed a raiding team out of them, on par to any raiding team I ever been on.

Last but never least it’s our current guild “Mom”, she’s the heart of our guild that goes by the name Blet. She makes sure our guild bank is in order, and that the rank and file know their place, for example the other day she goes, “Rivs get your pally up to honored with the guild”…Why? I didn’t know, I didn’t care. She wanted it done. I quested and got it done. She is a great player as well, and I respect the hell out of her, even though we rib each other to know end.

So you see even though you may think I’m sort of hate filled monster, there’s alot of people I respect, and would follow to the gates of hell itself for.

2 Responses to “There are some people I do admire.”

  1. It’s too late, mate, we already know you are a weirdo 😀

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