I’m That Healing Bitch

I’m entering my Pally in Rupaul’s Drag Race,  I just got a set of Greaves, that look like a skirt that I use to Xmog. Totally wearing the crap out of those. Well a Guildie wanted to get them for his female pally…pfft and waste them on that Ho.  My guildie was like are you actually going to use those…I said, “Remember who you’r talking to, I was the Orc who wore Lightforge Spaulders for the longest time cause I said I was going to be the first orc Pally.”  He just busted out laughing, and replied, “Yeah, that was you”  Well after I Xmogged, I gotta say I look fierce.

So last night I donned my skirt, and the rest of my Holy Gear and stepped into the Battlegrounds. I need to get the Cataclysmic Greatsword, had only 900 honor, and I needed 3400.  I healed the shit out of my fellow hordling, I topped the healing charts alot. It went from just standing there healing unmolested, which showed the alliance sucked, to being beaten on like a 2 dollar crack whore. Those were the battles I loved, the challenging ones. Where I had to use every ounce of my talent to heal. I really do enjoy healing from time to time. It brings me back where it all started in DAOC, and a cleric.  So by the end of the night, I got my sword…it looked mean and ugly. I xmogged it to something prettier. I think I may be playing my Pally a little too much…..I’m having weird thoughts like I could use some nice heels to go with my skirt. God what am I going to be like after I level him to 90?

2 Responses to “I’m That Healing Bitch”

  1. Skirt stealing SOB – my sexy BELF wanted that!

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