Bad Boy of the Blogosphere

It still warms me to the core I can still stir up the RP’ers and Feminists, but I feel someone needs to take a stand, cause I forgot who said this but “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

Anybody who sets themselves seperate from me, and trys to appear better then me I get ticked, and by their very language that’s what they do. Oh they try to sugar coat it, and what not, but look at their basic messages. Then when push comes to shove they result into the very tactics they abhor. Name calling, and trying to make me look stupid.

But by coming down to my level, you do what I wanted all along, and expose you for what you are. So go ahead call me stupid, ignorant, and a dozen other insults, but you know if you practiced what you preached you might want to try to show me. Why don’t you come with me to this RP event, or Why don’t you come to this feminist rally. Nope I haven’t seen any of that, not one bit, and your lack of openess shows you for what you are as well. As opposed to my door is always open, come be bad with me. It’s fun being bad.

So I may be the villian, the jerk, and so on, and so forth…but we all know it’s the bad guy who makes a story fun…and if I’m him…then I take on the title with pride.

As for my detractors, or haters I have only one thing to say…”Come At Me, Bro”

2 Responses to “Bad Boy of the Blogosphere”

  1. You’re a jerk… so much so that I wish we still played the same game…

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