I Fight The Long War

We fight the long war, not through vain notions of duty and honour, but through a far purer purpose: hatred” – Ferrous Ironclaw. Warsmith of the Iron Warriors.


Mr. Brice left a comment on an older post of mine. I believe Mr.Brice is the organizer of the peace summit I wanted to disrupt. Which by the way I did show up there, and it was a great turn out 8 horde, and about that many alliance.  It was sad really,  RP is truly dead. Anywho. I usually don’t write on weekends, and I thought I would answer Mr. Brice’s question, because he was nice, and seriously wants to know.  Most of my long time readers know most of the story, so I won’t go into long details, but I will give you a mini timeline.

Before I begin explaining myself, I do not have a problem with Role-playing, I love D&D, and heck I love when a girl dresses as a nurse, my problem lies in RP with video games, I don’t think the media is conducive to it, and sometimes downright creepy.

My story of RP hatred.

1. It all started with Too Many Annas blog, when another blogger with not as many fans lets just say pointed this other blogger out, who was my friend. Everyone of you holier than thou RPers jumped down this bloggers throat, to the point where she closed her blog.

2. I stuck up for my friend, and went to war with Too Many Annas, but to wage war on enemy I must know them I went to thr RP realms, and what I saw there sickened me. I heard glimpses of sex stories in not only Pornshire, but in Dalaran. Now I’m know saint by any measure…but within game I don’t openly cuss, hell only time I do is within guild chat or teamspeak but I curtail myself alot when my guildies kids are on. Here’s my point someone kid could be playing and get into something they don’t quite understand.

3. After observing that I wrote about what I found, The RP’ers attacked me. Not only attacked me, but got real personal. At the time my stepfather had a stroke, so I had to move in with my handicapped mother to help them out. Well an RP’er found this out and made personal slurs and such against me, how I’m a loser for moving with my Mom. Shit just got real. My hate knows no bounds.

4. So to this day I prosecute the war against RP, and to this day RP’ers attack back with nothing but insults, like that I am a tool. Which since I’m pretty much the only blogger who fights against RP, how could I be a tool. LOL!

So there you have it Mr. Brice, I don’t hate RP’ers on a personal level, but as a group you are elitist pieces of crap. I think this mans thoughts pretty much sums it up for me, as crude as it is…it gets the point across.

2 Responses to “I Fight The Long War”

  1. You must not have actually been there if you counted 16. There were 20 in the Horde-side raid alone. The RP involved gobs of violence, not one bit of sex (and I’ll agree with you on that score – it’s stupid and doesn’t belong in an MMO,) though there was more than a little colorful language.

    After reading about your reasons and your experience I must admit that I’m not mad at you in the slightest anymore. Quite the contrary – I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, and I’m sorry you felt like you need to ‘wage war’ against people on the Internet for something someone said once upon a time on a blog, in a comment or in-game.

    I’m also sorry about your folks. I hope their situation is getting better now that you’re there to help out. I think you should spend more time with them, and with others in your real life world. In that place you sound like a kind and generous person. Here on the Internet though you’re a miserable human being. Maybe spend less time on the Internet, it clearly doesn’t bring out the best in you.

    Hatred is petty. It’s small. And it’s easy. And it won’t ever make YOU feel any better about anything that has happened in the past.

    • Did you feel it necessary to mention my parents. I don’t think so. You know you RP’ers are real works of art, when push comes to shove your no better then the rest of us. I proved it time and time again. Not once have I seen you people try to convince me I was wrong…just slurs on how pathetic I am. It make me and my readers laugh. Go back to your little made up stories, and your glittering vampires. I’ve come to realize why you have your own servers no one wants you on theirs.

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