For The Horde

The RP-ers want an end to hostility. They are having a peace conference.  on Feathermoon. As a PvPer, and Staunch Advocate of the Horde, and Crushing My Enemies I am offering a reward of one month game time ($15.00 American) to anyone person who has screenshots, or better yet video of them disrupting this conference, or making a mockery of it.

Destroy the conference, and you will be rewarded dearly. Now go and show these people there will never be peace. For The Horde

6 Responses to “For The Horde”

  1. Back in the day at level 60 I went with an army to break up an alliance wedding in stranglethorn vale. Ended up corpse camping the groom and the bride bubble hearthed (sorry no way to dispel at the time). The 30 or so players attending the wedding fought and died or jumped into the water to escape.

    ’twas epic

  2. Does the fact that the organizers have actually scripted said conference to go up in flames mean that you’re buying THEM a free month? ‘Cause I know I for one sure am looking forward to playing on your dime.

    • That is not disruption, or a halting..that is a scripted end. learn the difference.

      • Oh I see.

        Sorry I misunderstood.

        I thought that your motivation was a passion for PvP and the Horde, so that a scripted end that catered to both of those impulses would satisfy. I can see now that I misunderstood your intent and that in fact it’s not really Horde or PvP that you care about. It’s fucking with other people’s events.

        Thank you for the clarification.

  3. Someoflittleimport Says:

    You are a total tool, and no one took you up on your offer. And if they did, well, they did a shit job and probably shouldn’t get any reward.

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